What is CCTV? Components in CCTV system?


08 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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I. What is CCTV system?

CCTV  stands for  Closed Circuit Television: is a security surveillance system for businesses used to record images in designated areas. These images are then stored on a recorder, DVD receiver or memory card depending on the type of camera device and can be accessed in real time in many different places.

II. Components in CCTV system.

CCTV surveillance system is made up of many camera monitoring, signal transmissionand  wireless receiver/transmitter signal to store images (DVR-NVR Recorder), monitor at monitoring center to help manage video photos easier. CCTV systems can be monitored on site or monitored by an outside surveillance company. The latest technology in this CCTV system is the introduction of IP cameras that can transmit signals directly over the wireless network and can monitor anywhere, just need a mobile phone device, a computer with an internet connection. Internet connection.


III. Benefits that  CCTV  brings to your business.

CCTV system gives you peace of mind about security and confidentiality at your business. A corporate CCTV system helps to ensure that assets as well as employees and customers are always safe along with many other benefits such as:

+ CCTV system for businesses helps to reduce the cost of hiring security personnel, as well as the budget for annual monitoring.
+ With IP Camera technology, helping managers to remotely observe over the Internet.
+ Easily integrates with other safety devices such as fire alarms and door systems.
+ Capable of storing large images, easily extracting information quickly.
+ Easy to upgrade equipment, expand the system as well as increase storage capacity.

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