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06 October 2021 at 0:10 AM

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We have a team of professional engineers & consulting process, and many years of experience in the field of M&E - Light electrical works. We will help you choose the most suitable solutions and be ready for the future. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the right products and is always there to support you along the way. In addition, trusting to use our services means that you are already a member of our customer portfolio. So we put ourselves in your partner's position to find the best and most effective support methods.

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We are proud to pioneer to bring customers the most advanced technology & infrastructure solutions. Our consulting products & services are tailored for each individual client, meeting their actual needs without incurring excess costs. We also believe that you always want and look for such products or services to meet the construction, investment and development plan of your business in each specific period.

Consulting service for designing light power system

Light electrical system also known with another common name is ELV system. In a construction project, whether large or small, it is divided into two parts: the construction part and the electromechanical part. In the electromechanical part, also known as M&E (M&E stands for Mechanical & Engineering), there are many interrelated systems to form a complete working block for the project. One of those important systems is the SMALL ELECTRICAL system.

Light electrical system, also known with another name ELV (EXTRA LOW VOLTAGE SYSTEM).

These systems have small value in the construction, but bring great benefits and convenience to users and project owners.

Why can ELV systems do that? That is because, the essence of ELV systems is high-tech systems, which are always improved and upgraded for the purpose of use and convenience for everyone.


The applications of the ELV system are vast and numerous. Depending on the size of the project as well as the requirements of the investor, there will be basic systems for the communication platform and protection & security for the building. One of those systems includes the following systems:

1. CCTV system (CCTV): IP security camera system

- No need to build Video cable (coaxial cable)

- Easy to install, expand based on LAN infrastructure.

- Easily manage, monitor and set parameters for each camera remotely.

- Monitoring software allows management and monitoring of cameras located at multiple locations on the network at the same time.

- Motion detection function and send instant alerts via email, phone, texting...

2. Telephone exchange system: Maintain connection of external or internal communication


-  No need to construct telephone cables.

-  Easy to install, expand by connecting via LAN.

-  Unlimited number of extensions (Extension).

-  Allows free calls between branches, stores, ...

-  Reduce intercity, mobile, and international charges through Ethernet, VPN, GSM Gatway...

-  Easily manage and monitor calls, start and end times, record calls depending on administrative needs.

-  Playback music, call forwarding, group calling, slide group.

3. Public address system (Public Adress):

Public announcement sound system, intended to convey information, messages and messages


-  Easy to install, expand the audio area based on LAN infrastructure.

-  Control sound, select music, set schedule, notify for each zone via Ethernet network, Internet.

-  Combine with IP-PBX System for remote announcement.

4. Access control system (Access Control):

Access management system in the building, management of doors as well as elevators.


-  No need to build a power cable

-  Manage and monitor systems on a server (Vertual Server)

-  Centralized monitoring via built-in software (Option)

-  Flexible, easy scalability

5. Smart car parking system (Car Parking):

Smart parking is a parking lot using intelligent identification software in combination with advanced and modern technologies such as: surveillance by camera; Controlling vehicle traffic in / out by magnetic card system, number plate recognition... helps the system work quickly and ensures that your parking lot always operates at high capacity without worrying about congestion.


- Improve work efficiency

- Reduce personnel, save costs and time

- Operate means of transportation easily and scientifically

- Control strictly financial matters

6. Automatic fire alarm system:

The system automatically detects and alarms when a fire occurs to minimize the consequences it may cause.

7. Automatic burglar alarm system:

The system helps to detect and alarm when there is a break-in to ensure the security of your area

8. Conference sound system:

Audio system used in conferences, can combine interpretation in conference rooms

9. Video Conferencing System (Video Conferencing):

The transmission system between two or more remote locations connected via a network line, bringing the audio and video signals of the meeting rooms together as if they were sitting in the same meeting room.

10. BMS (Building Management System) or BAS (Building Automation System):

Collectively called the building management system, integrating systems in the building to manage and monitor the status to save energy and manage automatically.

11. Intercom system:

This is an intercom system, applied in high-rise apartments, combining elevator and parking lot management.

12. MATV, CATV system:

Is a satellite and cable television system, using signals taken directly from a broadcaster or through a television service provider.

13. IPTV system:

Television system over the internet- new trend in technology. Just 1 STB, we can watch hundreds of TV channels with different HD standards.

14. Lighting control system: 

It is a light control system.

15. AV system (Audio Visual): 

Integrate images and sounds in slideshows

16. Master clock system:

Is the central clock system, synchronizing the time of all sub-clocks as well as the whole system in the building according to an accurate time source.

17. MPDP system:

Video wall display system

18. Traffic monitoring camera system:

Camera application for speed problems, red lights, or common errors in Vietnamese traffic

19.  Megapixels camera system and Megapixels camera recorder:

High resolution camera solution, applicable to casino applications, traffic, and places where clear view is required...

20. FIDS (Flight Information Display System) system:

The system displays flight and train information.

21. Broadband wireless transmission system:

Application in signal transmission in unreachable terrain.

22. FTTH System (Fiber To The Home):

Is a tri-play transmission solution including 3 types of Voice, Data and Video signals on 1 fiber optic cable

23. LAN system

Light electrical system (ELV) design:

Since ELV systems are numerous and constantly changing according to the needs of the times, upgrading of configurations and system technology needs to be done continuously. This hinders members in M&E design firms.

With many years of experience in designing and constructing light electrical infrastructure of projects, ITES Smart Technology Services Joint Stock Company  is always willing to cooperate with customers.