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08 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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Business Network Maintenance Procedure

With the commitment to always provide customers with high-quality ELV products, always ensure that the equipment has a clear origin and origin in accordance with the requirements of the investor in order to create more and more trust for customers. Moreover, in order to ensure that the ELV system and equipment offered by our company always operate with the highest efficiency and have the longest life in the typical environmental conditions of Vietnam, our company always provide the investor with the necessary equipment warranty and technical support options in each specific condition in order to optimally meet the customer's requirements to maintain the best condition of the equipment throughout the process. their operation.

With the equipment we offer, not only are we not outside of the general warranty procedures, but it can be said that in each project we also have our own optimal warranty and technical support processes depending on the requirements of the customer. client. Here we detail the  ELV Equipment Maintenance and Warranty services provided by us.

1. Maintenance service

An information system needs to be put under a strict supervision and inspection regime according to the prescribed period. The test cycle is short or long depending on the load density and the importance of each device in the system. We are proud to be a unit with extensive experience in the field of survey planning and maintenance for systems of all sizes and varieties. We take care of all maintenance tasks from the smallest maintenance such as PC, printer maintenance... to high-end tasks such as maintenance of ELV systems.

We  are willing to accept warranty, maintenance and repair contracts for ELV equipment.

Highly qualified technical team - quality and reliability guarantee.

Over the years, our company's warranty - maintenance - repair service has been trusted by many customers and chosen as one of the units with the best service.

2. Warranty service

Periodically check equipment (or coordinate with specialists of the customer unit) to predict or detect failures. When the device has a problem, we try to restore the device and system in the shortest time. In case of serious problems, requiring a long time to repair equipment, we always have temporary remedies to ensure that the work at the customer unit is not affected.

3. Inspection and technical support during the warranty period

During the warranty period of the system, to ensure that the system works well with high performance and less unusual incidents. On a fixed basis, our warranty & maintenance technicians will come to the equipment installation site for technical inspection, equipment condition check and technical maintenance for equipment.

In case of necessity, we will make recommendations as well as make adjustments to the usage process… to ensure that the system always operates in the best condition.

4. Technical support after the warranty period

In order to show responsibility for our products, goods and services, we are committed to providing technical support to customers for the system we provide to help operate and exploit the system effectively. Castle.
We will provide a highly qualified technical support team to carry out the technical support with the highest efficiency.

a. Forms of technical support:

By phone

By email

Invitation to attend training courses and seminars

Other suitable forms

b. Technical support content:

Direct counseling

Remotely connect to the system to check and fix errors

Firmware upgrade (if available)

Send technical documents to update technology

Other problems arise

c. Technical support location:

Address: 3/6 (Alley 27) Truong Chinh, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone number: (+84) 28 3883 2324