Smart door lock system

14 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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Smart door lock system is a successful product system based on technical and technological achievements. Bringing effective features and uses to serve high benefits for people.

As life is increasingly developed and improved, it will lead to an increase in daily needs. The introduction of products that serve well for life is inevitable, the foundation on which science, technology, and technology. art is aiming for. Smart electrical appliances, smart lighting systems, smart blinds,  smart door lock systems… are all products based on technological achievements and are receiving a lot of good signals from the market.


Smart door lock system

Smart door lock system is currently of great interest to many people because of its convenience as well as security and effective anti-theft ability for your home. Grasping the trend as well as from the facts, ITES has launched into the market many types of smart door locks, creating smart lock solutions that are managed online according to the most advanced technology.

There are many types of smart door locks, but there are mainly three types:

Smart door lock with code: This is the most basic and popular smart lock with low installation cost. On the lock face there is a table of numbers. If you enter incorrectly, there will be an LED or sound notification, if you enter it incorrectly many times, the lock will be closed and the system will give a warning signal to the security department.

Smart door lock with magnetic card: on the lock equipped with a magnetic scanner, you just need to put your card in the scanner, the door will open if the card is correct, the wrong door card will signal. Smart door lock system with magnetic card is often used for hotels, resorts, organizations, large companies....


Smart door lock with biometric application: this is the smartest lock available today, using technology to identify the human body such as fingerprint, retina, voice. Traders are used for security agencies, secret rooms... the installation cost for this type of lock is often very high.
Using a smart door lock system is to bring convenience to customers, specifically:

- You will easily set up and change the access password when necessary

- The system of fingerprint sensor, magnetic card and voice will help you not to have to worry like when using a key, nor afraid of losing or losing your key.

- All done automatically, simple, easy to use.

- Using advanced technology, can be checked and controlled directly on the data storage system of the key.

- Beautiful, luxurious, sophisticated design, bringing beauty to your home.

In addition to convenience, smart door locks also have high security features, helping you always feel safer when going out, because:

The material of the smart door lock is usually durable, resistant to corrosion. When the door is not opened correctly or someone tries to gain unauthorized access, the alarm system will be activated by LED light or by sound. The door will be closed automatically. Unlocking methods are extremely diverse and there is no duplication of keys. And in particular, the smart lock door will be operated independently of its own power source thanks to a high-quality dedicated battery source, with a use time of 6-12 months. When the battery is about to run out, the lock body will light up to notify the owner to replace it. Thanks to that, the smart door lock system always works continuously, ensuring high security for your home.

Nowadays, owning a  smart door lock system  is no longer a difficult thing. In Vietnam, ITES company is the leading unit in the field of consulting and installing smart door lock for households and large projects. A reputable unit for customers to choose.