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11 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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Smart parking system is a system using modern technology and equipment, including: automatic camera system to recognize license plates, control vehicle traffic in and out by magnetic card system, barrier - bar. This is the solution chosen and widely used from large projects such as apartments, commercial centers, hospitals, schools, ...  VIVAPARKING is a unit specializing in consulting, design smart parking solutions with good quality, beautiful design with the most competitive price.

Benefits that smart parking management solutions bring:

• Helps reduce management costs, save time, increase efficiency.

• Reduce the number of personnel to manage.

• Control your finances

• Easy to navigate vehicles.

• Easy for users.

System model:

A. Basic Function

1)    Control vehicle in and out:

- Notify the number of vehicles currently in the parking lot.

- Announce the number of vehicles that have been raised, entering the day.

- Automatic recognition of vehicle license plates in and out

- Print invoice

- Warn of vehicles entering and exiting without the same number plate

- Display the sea camera image and take a panoramic view of the checkpoint

- The setting must match the sea to be allowed out

- Allow the use of promotional cards

- Show subscriber information when going in and out

- Allows to edit license plate information of entered vehicle information

- Allows to lock the card when reporting the loss of the card and exit with the card number

- Take photos of license plates and panoramas for each vehicle entry event

- Display vehicle information and entry and exit images to match when the vehicle exits the parking lot

- Allow payment in advance of heavy vehicle traffic to reduce transit time through the station

2)    Card Management Group

-  Manage card types

The CPK is set to use the pass instead of the ticket. Cards are classified into groups of types: used for motorcycles, used for cars. Each type of card can set the following parameters: vehicle type, subscription card or current card, VIP card, free time when parking.

- Manage Cards

Each vehicle card will be issued to the driver and recovered when the vehicle is out. Vehicle card used when swiping on the reader. Cards are entered into the system initially for management. Cards not registered with the system are not accepted. Each card has two parameters card code and card number. The card code is hidden in the chip, the card number is printed on the card

-  Lock/Unlock card

Lock the card when the card is lost or open the card when it can be used for parking.

3)   Customer management group with fixed car parking

- Management of the company/customer group

CPK is researched and designed for use in large parking lots serving many agencies and units. Therefore, CPK manages the parking policy by company/customer group. Companies are managed on a parent-child basis. Administrators can decentralize management rights for each company/customer group

- Allocate customer accounts

Issue cards to customers. Each customer has an account that can be used for many different vehicles. Only one vehicle is allowed at a time.

- Set up cars for customers

Set number plates for passenger cars. Each vehicle can set a certain time limit

4)   Career fee management group

-  Manage group fees

The system can manage multiple charges simultaneously over time. Each type of fee is associated with the vehicle type and card type. Fees can be set prior to application.

-   Fee policies:

CPK supports the following charge types:

  • Turn-by-turn fee
  • Block fee (hours per block can be changed)

Block fees can be set differentiated by:

  • Weekdays with Sundays and public holidays
  • First block with next block
  • Day and night

-   Manage discount program

CPK may apply a discount program for special customers, the discount can be a percentage or a certain amount

-   Manage discount cards

CPK supports discount management according to promotional cards issued to customers

-    Register for free parking

CPK support allows setting up free registration points when organizing special events.

5)   Report on the delivery situation

- Report subscriber information

- Card swipe event report

- Event report using VIP card

- Report vehicles in the parking lot

- Report the number of vehicles coming in and out

- Detailed statistics of the number of vehicles entering and leaving

6)    Revenue Group

CPK has aggregate and detailed revenue reporting functions. Revenue reports can be differentiated by checkpoint, vehicle type, etc.

7)    Overall control group

- Continuous video capture and recording of control points

- Look up videos, photos and information related to parking events

8)    System Management Team

- Manage workstations participating in the system

- Manage control points

- Set the startup function when running the software

- Set up a list of vehicles to warn of theft

B.   Advanced features (optional according to customer requirements)

1.     Stream Switch

Allows a control station to convert the flow from the input stream to the output stream and vice versa. Requirements: be set to the corresponding camera number to serve both streams

2.     Two lanes control at the same time

Allows one controller to control two lanes of traffic at the same time. This solution will save cost, but the performance will be lower than the one-machine control-for-lane solution. Can be quickly converted to both inbound lanes, both outbound lanes or one in and one out swappable lane. Requirements: suitable number of cameras and 2 card readers for two lanes.

3.      Automatic access management

Allows full automatic system settings. The system will automatically recognize the vehicle by number plate and allow the vehicle to enter and exit without control by the security guard. This solution is usually applied to cars. In addition, it is possible to set the system option to only allow automatic entry, card exit or apply to pre-registered car owners.

4.     Control Barrier

The system will manage the Barrier connected to the system, the Barrier will automatically open when the vehicle is allowed to pass and automatically close when the vehicle has passed.

5.     Warning with horns and lights

Features when warning such as mismatch between the car exit and the car in, warn when the car is stolen, parked in the parking lot. When warning the horn will howl and the light will be on.

6.     Display the price on the LED version

The system automatically displays the parking fee on the LED board located at the entry point, helping the car owner to proactively prepare.

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