What is a Video door phone? How it works and the benefits of using a video door phone


08 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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What is Video Door Phone?

Video Door Phone is a doorbell system that uses a Camera to observe people outside and can talk directly through a microphone, speakerphone. The shaped doorbell was probably a luxury product in previous years only for a few wealthy families,... However, with the great function and use it brings, the demand for use is increasing day by day. Increasingly, many brands race in the production of Video Door Phone, causing the price to gradually cool down along with the increasing quality.

Panasonic's picture doorbell device is a product that many people love to use because of its luxurious design and Japanese quality. This device helps manage access to your home and company safely and with less personnel. This device helps to increase the level of security, limiting the risk of strangers breaking into the house.

How the video door phone works.

A set of Video Door Phone includes many devices:

+ Doorbell camera mounted outside the door, helping to record video and sound.

+ The monitor is mounted inside the house to transmit the images and sounds to the followers.

+ Magnetic lock is used to control the door opening and closing remotely.

+ Internal conversation system.

How the Video Door Phone system works:

+ When a guest presses the doorbell, the camera will be activated to record the guest. Then transmit the image to the central screen in the house.

+ When receiving a signal from the doorbell unit outside the gate, the central screen will play a sound to notify the owner. At the same time show the guest's image from the camera to the screen.

+ The host can go to the viewing center screen, or through the mobile subscreen to see who the guests are.

+ The host wants to talk to the guest, press the talk button on the screen device to connect two-way conversation with the outside guest.

+ Press the exit button when ending the conversation.

The operation is extremely easy and convenient for users, You can manipulate everything through the mobile sub-screen anywhere in your house.

Benefits of using Video Door Phone system

+ Video Door Phone system is equipped with quality CCTV camera, for detailed and sharp images displayed, making it easy to identify guests' faces. The camera from the device comes with an infrared light, which helps to observe well even in low light conditions.

+ With built-in speaker system, the device has the ability to adjust the volume at will. The doorbell has a picture for the ability to talk with clear sound directly between the host and the guest like talking on the phone.

+ Helps confirm who your guests are, limiting the problem that strangers can break into your house.

+ Doorbell button with light.

+ Function to save images of guests who come to ring the bell when the owner is not at home to the memory card attached to the central screen in the house.

+ The doorbell design has an elegant and luxurious shape. Touch keyboard is easy to operate.

+ Control guests entering the apartment and building.

+ Prevent unauthorized access from the outside.

+ The building management board easily controls and gives information to each apartment owner in the building.

+ High stability, absolute safety.

+ Easy to install and use.

+ Provide diverse communication possibilities: communication between apartment owners and visitors; communication between apartment owners and security guards; communicate with neighbors; In-house communication with other sub-communications in the room; communication with building protection and centralized security modes.

+ Can be integrated with SmartHome system.

+ Can be linked to the electromagnetic lock system to control the lock - open the door through the VDP touch screen.

Basic Video Door Phone (VDP) systems:

- Video bell system in the reception room: Including the main door call desk in the reception room (lobby phone), intercom desk (keypad) and touch screen indoor communication screen (touch screen). The intercom dial pad (keypad) includes a key to select the apartment number to allow incoming calls. The main doorphone is equipped with speakerphone and built-in IP camera, allowing to transmit the image of the caller to the touch screen communication screen (iPad or iPhone ..) of the host.

- Video doorbell system at the apartment door: Including doorbell with picture   at the apartment door and indoor communication screen. The doorbell with a picture located at the door of the apartment allows guests to talk to the apartment owner via a touch screen device located in the living room for the apartment owner to confirm again if it is his guest, if true, the owner The apartment just needs to operate at the touch screen or go to the place to open the door to welcome guests in.

Classification of shaped video door phone:

Currently, there are two main types of doorbells: wired doorbells and wireless doorbells. The features of both types are the same, the only difference is that the wired doorbell has a cable system that connects the camera and the display screen, while the wireless type allows connection via waves. band or wifi wave. So with wireless doorbells, it will be easier to install.

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