IT - Telecommunications network infrastructure

For a business, computers, information, internet are extremely important factors related to the survival and development of businesses no matter how big or small. The network supports applications and provides services and resources for businesses to operate, from which they can provide services to users.

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Structured cabling system

Structured cabling system is a cabling system built from connecting cables and equipment and accessories for the purpose of transmitting services: voice, data, video or management signal transmission in the building.

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PBX solution

iPECS-CM is an IP communication solution for businesses – Call Management Center, is an IP-based PABX designed to meet different communication needs, providing services Flexible and high quality, information security features and mobile solutions are integrated in the IP PBX system.

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IBS System

IBS signal coverage system in the building (IBS) is the solution to build the system to establish optimal coverage for Building by leading the mobile signal from the base BTS station and distributing it through the Antenna system. mobile covering the building space including basements, elevators.

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Wi-Fi System

The Internet system gradually becomes a core operating system for a business, building or an entire country. Therefore, equipping a network system is essential for the learning, working and living needs of each individual and group.

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Data Center

A data center, also known as DataCenter, is a place to house a computer system and related components such as a network system or database system... Usually it includes backup power, UPS, very large amount of bandwidth. large, tightly controlled environments (eg air conditioners, fire extinguishers, etc.) and other security devices.

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