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14 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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Music plays an important role in people's lives, having a lot of influence on consumer behavior. Music helps customers feel comfortable and stay in stores longer, and spend more on shopping. Most shopping malls, chain restaurants, hotels and retail stores now have music systems installed to enhance the customer experience. Since then, a background music solution was born to help users manage the sound from speaker devices in different regions more conveniently. Below, we will introduce you to the features and operating principles of the multi-zone background music system.

Working principle of background music sound system.

The first and extremely important thing to consider when designing a sound system for restaurants, customers, commercial centers, ... is sound quality. The quality of the background music sound system depends on the speaker system having good sound quality, durable operation and easy operation.

Principles of speaker arrangement and gain:

With ceiling mounted speakers, must be arranged evenly throughout the restaurant, hotel, etc. must not let the speaker broadcast directly to the customer's seat and the distance between the speakers is from 5-8m depending on the design structure of the restaurant. where you install the system.

With wall speakers: Arranged at the four roots or next to the statue.

If there is no false ceiling, a suspended ceiling speaker can be used.

Requires the use of a high-quality speaker line, with a wide frequency response range and a direct, clear, unbroken sound. Bass and Tress must be clear.

Features of multi-zone background music sound system.

When entering a store, the first thing that catches the consumer's eye is usually the signs and decoration there, but the sound is what easily enters the customer's subconscious. Sound crept into our consciousness naturally, although not intentionally heard, but easily made a deep impression. This confirms the importance of sound color in brand awareness. It also shows the importance of a multi-zone background music management solution for that brand.

The solution will help the manager to control all the sounds played in the restaurant system. To do this, the background music solution provides the following features:

1. Device management by region.

Regional audio sync allows all stores to play the same music.

2. Manage each device individually.

Allows synchronous or different audio playback depending on the device. Music will be played according to the type of store, area, etc., but still easy to monitor and control.

3. Schedule a broadcast

Play music, hourly notifications, and date presets to suit each context and store type.

4. Easy decentralization.

The decentralization feature helps administrators to flexibly allocate rights to employees. Allow staff to monitor players or play music without altering playlists or accessing unauthorized areas.

5. Visual and detailed reports.

Based on the report, the administrator can know whether the music at the device is played by the employee or not, the music schedule is right or wrong. The report also helps to measure broadcast parameters by device and music track, playback time, etc. to effectively serve the business.

6. Multi-device compatibility.

The solution is compatible with most speaker brands on the market. Businesses can freely choose and replace equipment.

7. Easy control, flexible connection.

You can control the entire system remotely via network-connected devices (computers, phones,...).

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