Things customers need to know about LED screens

14 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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LED screen is a technology device to serve for advertising, event organization or entertainment, business that requires very high visual quality. The display of color, the sharpness of the image or the screen ratio all have a great influence on the transmission of the user's message to the customer. ITES is very proud to be the leading LED display solution provider in Vietnam, bringing quality products with the best price to customers.

Standard colors

For the purpose of displaying images, promotional videos or brand information of the business. LED display screens must have standard colors to deliver content that captures the audience's interest.

The color of the LED screen is a combination of three primary colors, red, green and blue. The control level of each color is 8bit or 12bit to create 16.7 million colors or 4 billion colors.

For LED screens, full color screen technology is applied. And this technology allows the display to display the highest level of images and the best display image quality available today.

Screen size.

After the color standard requirement, the size of the screen is the next point of concern. Depending on the purpose of use, we can choose the appropriate screen size for the space. For example, if your event is held indoors with limited space, you should choose a moderate-sized LED screen. If your event is held outdoors with a large space, you need to choose a large screen to match that space.

With the video wall solution, we can completely design the screen with the required size or fit the space you want to use. Because the screen is assembled by many different small LED modules. Therefore, the size of the LED screen can be completely changed, depending on the needs of the customer.

Screen sharpness.

Screen sharpness is also an extremely important factor, which affects viewer satisfaction. The smaller the distance between pixels, the better the screen product quality, the higher the fineness or resolution. Currently, the types of screens that have a small physical distance between pixels such as LED screens P2.5 and P3. The equivalent physical distance is 2.5mm and 3mm for sharp and realistic image display.

The LED display is suitable for indoor mounting.

Currently, the most used type of LED screen in homes such as events, bars, meeting rooms is the P2.5 screen. This type of display has features suitable for indoor event purposes.

Customers can customize the screen size to suit their needs. Because of its moderate size, the installation of the P2.5 screen is very easy. Save a lot of time and cost for the organizers in the installation and disassembly stage.

With realistic images and perfect sharpness, the P2.5 screen has the ability to flexibly customize the size to give viewers the most enjoyable experience.

If you are in need of installing quality LED screens, please contact Intelligent Technology Services Joint Stock Company - ITES for advice and installation. We are always committed to the quality of reputable products, genuine warranty with the best price.