What is Sound Notification System? What devices are included?


08 October 2021 at 0:10 AM
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Public Address system is widely used in buildings, hotels, high-class apartment buildings, train stations, airports, supermarkets, ... with the main use to broadcast general announcements. For each area or the whole building, play background music when there is an event.

The principle of operation of the notification sound system:

- The audio signal is transmitted from the center via signal cable to each area or all "speaker equipment" in the whole building, supermarket, commercial center,...

- All speaker devices in an area are connected in parallel with each other and are determined  into an area and then brought to the center.

- In the control center, there are amplifiers that can be used to control each partition to make the announcement easier. In addition, these amplifiers have the ability to connect to other peripheral devices such as Microphone, disc player, Radio tuner or transmitter ...

Description of the notification sound system:

- Public announcement sound system supporting sound broadcast between areas in the building:

- Each area is divided into  groups with separate addresses. From the central control room, we use the call station can also call to each zone that has been setavailable or notify all areas as needed.

- Under normal conditions, the system can broadcast notifications and reminders when necessary. In addition, it is possible to integrate a fire alarm signal into the system to emit emergency alarms  for the whole building or a pre-set default area.

When a security guard or firefighter announces an emergency message, the priority right to that notification will be given the highest priority. In the event of a fire, the system will take precedence over the announcement of exit instructions.



Devices in the notification sound system:

1. Control Center (Controller):

Connect with 6 loudspeaker zones, expandable up to 120 speaker zones and store announcements of 255 messages, each message playing time is 60 seconds, with 240W power amplifier, input for call station, input Handheld microphone input, 100V speaker output and connection of up to 8 call stations.

2. Call station  - Area extender (Router):

Used to add 6 loudspeaker zones to the controller and can be connected to 12 input lines from other systems: such as fire alarms, alarms...

Call Station: High-sensitivity gooseneck dynamic microphone, tabletop mounting type, with zone selection button, call stations connected in a loop by a CAT5 UTP network cable installed in security room, reception desk, waiting room and control room, used to make announcements to areas of the system.

Use emergency alerts when there is a fire or emergency messages to areas of the system.

3. Amplifier:

Used to add power (1000/480/240/120W....) to the system.

4. Backup power when power failure (Backup Power):

With a power saver, you have more than 30 minutes for backup to use when the main power is lost or longer depending on the designer's choice.

5. DVD player or background music player:

Used to play background music for building entertainment, read DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 discs and play AM, FM radio.

6. Speaker System Announcement:

- Ceiling speaker with a capacity of 6W (Speaker): Installed along the corridors and office areas of the building. Used to play background music and announcements to the area in the system.

- 15W compressed speaker (Speaker): installed in high noise areas such as factories, public areas, parking lots...

- Speaker box, speaker column installed in the position of the corner wall - column ...

For sound announcement systems, especially in large buildings, it is important to be able to play sounds for each specific area in the most convenient and quick way. When designing a sound system for a building, each area uses loudspeakers suitable for different purposes, it is necessary to have functional zoning in the sound system accordingly.

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